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Choosing a new boiler

You may probably already have a good idea of the type of boiler that you need or have a preference for a particular brand and these can also be discussed as to their suitability. Here is a quick guide to some of the aspects you may wish to consider.

When you first contact a 24/7 Heating Solutions gas safe registered engineer they will reply that day and arrange for a full free home survey to access your heating and hot water requirements prior to giving you any recommendations on the type and size of boiler that you will require. The three main types of domestic boilers are as follows:

A Combination boiler

A high-efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler, combined.

A System boiler

Directly heats your central heating system and produces hot water for a storage cylinder.

A Conventional boiler

Sends hot water to your radiators and stores hot water in a storage cylinder

boiler installation services in Glasgow
boiler installation services in Glasgow

Choosing a Combination boiler

Affectionately known as a Combi boiler it is both a central heating boiler and a hot water boiler in one. It not only saves on space but modern condensing Combi boilers can achieve very high rates of efficiency especially when heating hot water which makes them very cost effective. Water enters from the main riser and is channelled through a heat plate exchanger so that it can deliver hot water on demand. A solid pump channels the water through your radiators when the boiler gets a call for heating from a thermostat by way of example. Ultimately controllable and very efficient! Modern Combi boilers also come with internal sound proofing making them very quiet to operate.

Advantages of a Combi boiler is that it is compact size making it an excellent choice where space is of the essence. It can be installed in a garage or a loft space where building regulations permit. There is no necessity for a hot water cylinder which again means more space. There is also no necessity of a cold storage tank as the boiler is fed directly from the mains. Condensing boilers are very efficient and achieve in the region of 88% and more in efficiency.

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Choosing a System boiler

System boilers require a cylinder for the storage of hot water although they do not require a cold water tank in the loft because unlike the traditional or conventional boiler they can heat hot water directly from the mains just like a combi boiler. They also have the advantage that they are compatible with solar heating panels.

The advantages of a systems boiler are that they are great for homes with multiple bathrooms because there is no flow reduction when any number of taps are in use simultaneously. The have the advantage just like the combi boiler that there is no necessity of a storage tank in the loft which may be advantageous for cottages and places with loft conversions. They are efficient and economical to run.

boiler installation services in Glasgow

Choosing a Conventional boiler

These are an excellent choice where there is already a separate system which is already linked to a hot water cylinder. The do however require a cold water storage vessel in order to feed the hot water cylinder and keep the central heating system at optimal levels. If the property is older and has an already extant heating system these might be a better choice as they do not elicit as much pressure as a modern condescending boiler and can be utilised in areas of low water pressure to good effect.

The Advantages of a traditional boiler are that they are great for large properties where the heating requirement and hot water requirement are in use simultaneously. Conventional boilers also work well in areas of low water pressure as the system is fed by storage tank. They also have the advantage of being compatible with solar powered systems.


Even as there is a plethora of choice regarding boilers and boiler manufacturers there is also a wide choice regarding controls for your boiler.

a combi boiler thermostat

Choosing a thermostat to control your boiler

The simplest control is on the boiler itself which regulates the temperate of the heating and hot water as it flows through the system. Other timers simply turn the boiler on or off depending on a time sequence. Most modern boilers however are compatible with room thermostats which control precisely the temperature of your home remotely using wireless technology as well as smart phone apps.

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Optional extras

There are not a few optional extras that may come with your boiler to enhance its performance and ensure its longevity

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Inhibitors, magnetic filters etc

Optional extras range from inhibitors which essentially reduces the risk of sludge forming in your system to water softeners if you live in a place with hard water which is rarely if ever a problem in Glasgow and the surrounding areas. A magnetic filter is also an option and comes highly recommended as no matter how clean your system small flakes of iron oxide and other debris may form and the magnetic filter attracts them from the system so that they have little to no effect. These are fairly economical to install and easy to clean and well worth the small investment. If you install a magnetic filter you will be amazed at the sludge and debris that it can attract over time.

Our quotation

We always attempt to offer excellent value for money on every job we undertake, endeavouring to find the most cost defective heating solutions for our customers without compromising quality.

After the 24/7 gas safe engineer has assessed the situation and your particular requirements they will proffer a quotation for your consideration always attempting to find the most affordable solution for you. We understand that money does not grow on tress and that a new boiler is a major investment for most hard working people. Our prices for installation of new boiler begin as low as £895 including materials and labour. Our engineers will be sure to explain clearly to you what to expect so that there will be no hidden costs.

All new boilers
come with a minimum 5 year guarantee

Modern condensing boilers come with a five year guarantee on labour and parts providing that the boiler is regularly serviced once a year. All new boilers are registered with the manufacturer to be sure that you can take advantage of their guarantee.

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