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Gas Safety Certificate

All landlords are required under Gas Safety Installation and Use Regulations 1998 to have their appliances annually checked to make sure that they are in safe working order. We at 24/7 heating solutions work with private landlords and letting agencies across Glasgow and surrounding areas to provide an efficient and reliable service to make certain that all appliances are certified as gas-safe giving peace of mind to both landlord and tenant.

We offer an in-depth gas safety inspection of the entire gas installation, from the meter control valve through the pipe work to every gas appliance in your property. Appliances are thoroughly checked and analysed according to all relevant safety legislation.

Gas Safety Inspection

We inspect the entire installation to make sure its safe and complies with all legal requirements.

Gas Safety Certificate

We issue gas safety certificates to make sure that you as a landlord meet all legal requirements concerning your gas appliances.

Advice and recommendations

We offer free advice and recommendation to help landlords comply with all health and safety regulations as specified in the relevant code of practice.

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Meeting the legal requirements

We use a number of techniques which are required by law to make absolutely certain that an appliance is functioning within the required parameters set out by the manufacturers instructions. All appliances will be gas rated, inlet and working pressure taken and recorded where appropriate. We calculate requirements for ventilation should it be necessary in the case of flue-less and open flue gas appliances.

We carry out an analysis of the products of combustion as it enables us to determine the health of an appliance and we make sure that all safety requirements are taken care of, for example the placement of carbon monoxide alarms or making sure that cookers have the correct flexible hoses and are fitted with safety chains.

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A complete solution for Landlords and Letting agencies

The result of the Gas safety inspection is that we are able to offer landlords, letting agencies and home owners and tenants alike a complete solution to ascertaining a gas safety certificate which complies not only with all legal requirements but is above all safe for consumers to use.

If you are a private landlord or a letting agency or even a home-owner or tenant please contact us and one of our engineers will be more than happy to conduct a gas safety inspection and issue a landlord/homeowner gas safety certificate providing all qualifying conditions are met.

Duties of Landlords

Duties of Landlords are published in Regulation 36 of Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998. Published by the Health and Safety Executive, UK.

This regulation details landlords' duties in respect of gas safety. There are two main duties on landlords. Annual safety checks on gas appliances and flues (and that a record is kept and issued, or in certain cases, displayed to tenants) and ongoing maintenance. Although related, these duties are separate and distinct.

In addition landlords must ensure that no gas fitting of a type that would contravene regulation 30 (e.g. certain instantaneous water heaters) is fitted in any room occupied or to be occupied as sleeping accommodation after the regulations come into force. This includes any room converted into such accommodation after this time.

Further detailed guidance for landlords on their duties under regulation 36 and how to meet them can be found on the HSE website or by calling a 24/7 Heating solutions Gas Safe registered engineer who will be more than happy to offer free advise.

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