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Full central heating systems

A central heating system can be a complex arrangement of several components. It may involve water storage tanks, radiators, pipes, expansions vessels, pumps, zone vales, thermostats and various types or combination of controls. At 24/7 Heating Solutions we take the hassle from it and our experienced team of heating engineers will get to grips with your requirements to provide a friendly and hassle free service.

Essentially there are three stages. Placing the boiler and connecting it to the existing gas installation. Connecting components such as radiators and/or storage tanks in the case of a system boiler or conventional boiler and testing the entire installation to make sure that it functions efficiently as the manufacturer intended it.

Situating of the boiler

Boiler placement is chosen and installed to the existing gas installation if it exists. Otherwise pipe work is fabricated.

Situating of components

Radiators, storage tanks if needed etc are situated and pipe work laid and the installation connected.

Testing the system

Priming of the system, bleeding of valves and radiators and all manner of safety tests must be completed to manufacturer specifications.

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Cost of a full central heating system

Installing a full central heating system with a new boiler, all related pipe-work, multiple radiators etc is not a small undertaking either in terms of labour or in cost. For this reason 24/7 heating solutions will attempt to seek the most cost effective solution without compromising quality. We urge you to compare our prices for a full central heating system with those of our competitors and we have no doubt that we can save you literally hundreds of pounds.

So if you are in need of decommissioning a old central heating system, for example the removal of storage tanks, back boilers etc. and installing a new more efficient and cost effective modern A-rated system then please give 24/7 Heating Solutions a text or a call. We shall provide a free no obligation survey of your hot water and heating requirements and tender our keenest prices for your approval.

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