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No Fix No Fee Policy

Why can 24/7 heating solutions offer a no fix no fee service for all boiler repairs in Glasgow and the surrounding areas? Simply put its because our Gas Safe registered engineers are highly experienced and motivated to get you, your boiler and central heating system back to functional normality.

boiler service and repair in Glasgow

Our approach to boiler repairs

Normally its a matter of deduction and carefully analysing the behaviour of the boiler that enable an engineer to quickly and efficiently ascertain what is problematic with your boiler. We have a high success rate in boiler repairs on our very first visit and for this reason we are confident of charging a set rate of £60 plus any parts that are required for boiler repairs. If we are unable to fix your boiler then we will not charge you any fee whatsoever.

Its of the utmost importance that a gas engineer is able to accurately diagnose a problem so as to avoid costly mistakes made by assuming that it is one element when in fact it is something entirely different or unrelated.

Its for this reason that we are willing to spend the time, to do a full and thorough analysis of the problem and only then to proffer a diagnosis that we know will solve your heating or hot water issues. This methodical approach avoids all kinds of costly repairs and wrongly diagnosed boiler problems.

boiler service and repair in Glasgow

Low cost boiler parts and parts that are now obsolete

It is only natural that the customer is made aware of the cost of any parts that are needed and we do our utmost to provide those parts at as low a cost as is practically possible. We have great working relationships with many plumbing merchants across Glasgow city and more often than not we attempt to ascertain a small discount for our customers which we can pass on.

If you feel that the quotation you have been given by any other Gas safe engineer or central heating company is excessive then please give us a call and you will probably be pleasantly surprised at how much more affordable we are than our competitors.

We do keep a large stock of boiler parts in-house for when they are needed or emergencies. Items like plate heat exchangers, pressure relief vales, gas valves, printed circuit boards, pumps and much more.

We may even be able to supply parts for older boilers that are now no longer being manufactured and are essentially obsolete. We have parts from all major manufacturers including Baxi, Vokera, Ideal, Worcester and Potterton among many others.

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Some common faults found on Combi boilers

The following are some of the more common faults found on Combi boilers. If you can identify any with your own situation then please give us a call.

Boiler over heating. This can be the result of a faulty pump, a non functioning thermostat or a blockage in the system.

The boiler attempts to ignite, has a spark but there is no flame. This could be the direct consequence of a faulty spark electrode, a non functioning gas vale or defunct printed circuit board.

Boiler fires up but immediately goes out. Poor flame rectification.

Low pressure or boiler constantly needs to be re-pressurised. Faulty pressure relief valve, a minute leak on the system pipework or the expansion vessel is deflated or its diaphragm damaged in some way.

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A never-ending commitment to providing heating solutions

The journey of providing our customers with central heating and hot water solutions begins the moment they contact us and extends beyond the moment they become our customer. It is a never-ending commitment to finding solutions and solving problems in the most affordable way. Whether its a faulty diverter valve, a non functioning gas valve, a problem with the set up of a thermostat or a boiler that refuses to work the chances are that we have solved a similar problem elsewhere and can solve yours too. Please feel free to contact us for any advice pertaining to your gas appliances whether its your cooker, your boiler, your thermostat or any element of your central heating.

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